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Dosha Nivaranam

"Remedial Poojas"

Noorum Paalum

As a consequence of the Janamejaya Yagam, the Nagas were left wounded with their bodies seared. For the mental wellbeing, physical recovery and to ward off the sins of the distressed Nagas, Lord Parashurama commenced the practice of Noorum Paalum.

For individuals suffering from Naga Dosha caused either deliberately or accidentally, performing Noorum Paalum will help alleviate its negative effects.

Payasa Bali

Having partaken in the practice of worshiping Serpent deities customarily for generations and due to various reasons or unforeseen timely turn of events the aaradhana is discontinued, Naga Dosha will prevail in the family.

For certain individuals, Rahu and Ketu are positioned in a malefic manner in their natal chart (horoscope).

For relief from Naga Dosha and unfavourable placement of Rahu or Ketu, Payasa Bali is done as pariharam (remedial oblation) during the pooja on the auspicious day of Ayilyam Nakshatra.

Sarpa Bali

The Sarpa Yagam and Brahmasthraprayogam caused great havoc in the Naga Loka. As an outcome of the mayhem, Sarpa Saabham was placed upon planet Earth. For tranquility from the adverse effects of the curse, Lord Parashurama summoned the souls of the dead Sarpas with thaala vaadhya layas and conducted several poojas and bali tharpana. Hence, this ritualistic process obtained the name Sarpa Bali.

If one is suffering from Ancestral curses, Sarpa-Hathya curse or Sarpa Dosha induced physical ailments, doing the Sarpa Bali pooja as pariharam (remedial oblation) will give emancipation.

Kaala Sarpa Bali

Krishna Parandhama granted moksha (liberation) to the Kaalinga Sarpa and was bestowed with the boon of sanjaram (to journey) across planet Earth wishfully and limitlessly. A Sarpa belonging to such vamsa (lineage) is called the Kaala Sarpa. As commanding rulers of the Kaala Sarpas, Rahu and Ketu voyage throughout Earth grimly.

Due to past life karmas, disadvantageous change in planetary alignment as an outcome of the continual transition of planets and eclipses, malefic position of planets, or when all planets are situated in-between Rahu and Ketu in one’s horoscope, that individual suffers from Kaala Sarpa Dosha.

Performing Kaala Sarpa Bali serves as the remedial solution for Kaala Sarpa Dosha.

Payasa Homam

To seek Shesha Naga’s blessings, prosper with wealth, for sound health, progeny (children), overall wellbeing and for a family to flourish for generations to come, Deva Nagas are invoked and worshipped with a fire sacrifice (homam). This ritual is called Payasa Homam.