The various Sarpa Kavu in Pulickal Temple and their meaning

Brahmana Sarpa Kavu:
This Sarpa Kavau is meant to protect the asset of the temple or temple nidhi and this is the sacred place of the Suvarnna Nagam.

Agama Sarpa Kavau or Kashtriya Sarpa Kavu:
This is where the Sarpa idol from various places and various ancestral homes are bought and installed here. The reason is that they will not be in a position to look after the Sarpa Idols.

Kala Sarpa Kavu Vaishya Sarpa Kavu:
These Nagas are powerful to destroy a man’s life and change the destiny of a man and it is with that representation that the idol is installed here.

Krishna Sarpa Kavau or Shudra Sarpa Kavu:
This Nagas are powerful and they can fly also. These Nagas are usually representing or are meant as temple guardians and the idol is installed in that representation.

Naga Muthassan Kavu Thekkethalam:
This is place which is believed as the Samadhi place of Suvarnna Nagam. The pratishta or idol is installed in the sankalpa that Adiseshan is meditating here daily and daily thevara pooja is offered here. Yearly on two days the Nilavara will be opened and special pooja will be conducted.


Temple Timings:

Temple will be opened for Darshanam and pooja at 5.30 am morning daily. The temple will be closed at 11:30 am after doing Abishekam, Malarnedhyam Prasanna pooja, Noorum Paalum and Uchapooja. The temple will be opened at 5.30 In evening and will be closed at 7.30 in evening, In these time vilakku theliyikkal only will be taken place.